With Banner the high street banks keep coinage in circulation

At Banner our customers rely on us to keep essential services running. These include the banking networks, which among many things, need a constant supply of coin bags to ensure enough cash is in circulation.

Working as a trusted partner to several leading high street banks, we help them to serve the nation by helping to keep the coins needed for daily transactions across the UK in circulation.

One of our high street banking customers is responsible for ensuring over 75% of UK coinage is in circulation. Banner enables our customer to do this by constantly supplying all the coinage bags and other equipment it needs.

When the new one pound coin was launched we ensured that all related cash handling products were in place and ready to handle the new coin. Our support helped our banking customers launch the new coin across the country efficiently and easily.

With Banner the UK banks keep their banking halls fully operational and efficient.

We enable this by supplying all the products they need to carry out their banking processes.

Banking halls are used by thousands of customers every day. These lobbies, where people pay in money, withdraw money or deal with cashiers, are an essential part of banking operations.

Vital items we provide include everything the cashiers need behind the counters and all the consumables for the banking technology in the halls, such as the receipts for paying in machines and statement papers.

At Banner we manage the entire supply process for our customers. We deliver the products, we manage stock levels and we manage the supply chain.

Enabling the banks to be fully operational at all times is a vital task. Our banking customers have to ensure their services are always available, which makes our responsibility to provide the consumables they need a big one. But it is one that we deliver on, day-in, day-out.

With Banner the banks can protect their brand.

Whenever our banks change their image or launch a new logo, we ensure these are used straightaway on any materials and consumables that we may supply on their behalf.

As brand guardians, we know how important it is that our customers’ corporate style is protected and communicated properly. So when any of our banking customers change their details we act quickly to ensure the right consumables are in circulation.

With Banner our banks stay up to date with legislation.

From the terms and conditions of lending, to banking conduct information leaflets, we understand exactly what our customers need to ensure correct compliance and we are their trusted partner for delivering to these standards.

At Banner we fully understand that our customers can simply never risk running out of stock or being unable to make FCA required information available. With us our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that we are looking after their supply chain and delivering consumables to the very high standards demanded.

With Banner the banks can enhance their customer experience.

Wearing a name badge is an important part of providing customer service in a bank because it confirms an individual team member’s identity and helps bank customers know exactly who they’re dealing with.

We understand our banking customers need a very precise service level agreement when they are ordering name badges. This is why Banner provides the very highest quality end-to-end service for these products.

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