Ergonomic Furniture Case Study

With Banner our customer has an ergonomic, collaborative workspace

When our customer, a  leading  international manufacturer, needed to develop an advanced, team orientated workspace for its European headquarters, we came out ahead with our winning solution.

Our customer wanted to ensure its UK-based office would deliver a stand-out example of ergonomic office design. Working with business strategy consultants Better & Better, our customer looked at a wide range of furniture providers before creating a shortlist of four potential suppliers.

We worked with the customer to show just how they could realise this opportunity to replace outdated furniture, make better use of space and create a more collaborative and open workspace.

With Banner they got absolute quality

Care and attention to detail were vital for our customer, who needed to ensure all furniture would be high quality and meet future legislative requirements.

After visiting the showrooms of all shortlisted suppliers, our customer trialled furniture from all and ran an employee survey asking for feedback on colour, specification, comfort, innovation and overall satisfaction.

We were delighted when the customer came to the conclusion that Banner and our Narbutas furniture range was the best answer. The customer left no stone unturned in assessing product quality, visiting the European factory to check the quality of all materials and product assembly. We became their furniture provider because we could assure them of the highest standards.

With Banner they optimised their workspace

Working with Banner and Narbutas designers, our customer created a workspace solution to meet their exact needs. One major advantage of the Banner Narbutas solution was an affordable electric sit-stand desk product that would enable colleagues to work ergonomically in a 21st century office environment.

The main UK head office workspace not only seats 116 employees but also accommodates shipping, distribution and main office functions. In a 1900 square metre space our customer created collaborative work areas with a mix of bench desking, open plan working, break out areas and customer spaces.

With Banner they got an affordable, flexible solution

Budget was a key consideration. By working with Banner and Narbutas our customer was able to reduce the cost of the original specification and meet business needs by reviewing alternative solutions.

Our customer reduced the number of individual offices for its new location and so needed to provide more privacy for employees. This was achieved by placing divider panels on the sit stand desks. These panels can move up and down with the desks, helping to ensure individual privacy at all times. Our customer also invested in several meeting pods to create informal meeting spaces around the building.

And with Banner this was all achieved within a tight deadline

With just two weeks between handover of the building and moving in date, the complete furniture installation had to be achieved in just eight days. Banner worked to this tight timeline by bringing in a larger team and working efficiently throughout the project.

Here’s what consultants Better & Better have to say: “Banner and Narbutas have been excellent from start to finish, with a drive to meet the budget, a selection of innovative solutions, on-time delivery of the furniture and a can-do attitude from the sales and implementation team.”

If you would like to find out how you could improve your workspace please get in touch with our furniture team:

Telephone: 0845 2264708

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