Cleaning & Hygiene

In the world of cleaning, we provide the right product, in the right place at the right time.

We’re a team of FM experts who take a refreshing approach to sourcing the right cleaning supplies for your business. Through our unique customer-led programme, we deliver a typical 20% business saving for our customers. We cross a big line through the traditional way of buying cleaning products and we do it the Banner way…

Instead of just price-matching and selling product, we actually invest our time in your business.

First we understand your needs and objectives and then we roll our sleeves up and spend time with your associates who use the product. This enables us to recommend the right product for your organisation that will save you money and time and maximise your resources.

There are 5 steps we take when we work with you:

1. Focus groups with your people

We visit your site and spend time with the people who use the product. In this interactive session they tell us what they need and want to enable them to do their job better.

2. A mile in your shoes

After the focus group sessions we then spend a full day with a number of your people, doing their job with them. By rolling up our sleeves we get to see in real time their day to day challenges and how they use the products, which allows us to identify where we can help.

3. Smart training

Essentially, we help you up-skill your people to work safer and smarter. These informative sessions will teach you how to get the best out of our products, ensure your people are safe, whilst providing you with a cost and time ef cient solution. Together we create, track and measure a development plan that will put in place the best possible practices to deliver a safer and smarter working day.

4. Innovation

We take the insight and feedback that we gain from the customer sessions and training to inform our innovation committee. The innovation committee is formed of leading FM experts and our strategic supply chain partners. This is a key step in forming your bespoke cleaning solution.

5. Proof of concept

Before you sign on the dotted line… we put into practice the new innovation for your business, with agreed KPIs, so you can measure the positive impact and results it has in a real working life environment.

Cleaning product ranges

When it comes to cleaning products, we know you’re faced with your own unique set of challenges. We have four key ranges that fulfill your needs – whether that be time, cost, space, performance or a combination of all.

For more information on these download our cleaning catalogue or cleaning brochure

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