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 At Banner we have a CSR Committee, a team of committed individuals who are responsible for owning, developing, reviewing and evolving our CSR strategy and implementing all the initiatives that come from the strategy. They work hard and we’re proud to have a robust CSR strategy that delivers social value and social impact for our customers, community, suppliers and employees. If you’d like to see our full CSR strategy then please get in touch with us.

The Banner Social Value Programme

Our Social Value Programme enables us to exert the energy, talent, and enthusiasm of our people for the benefit of the wider community.

We donate 1000 hours to local communities!

Every member of staff is given one day a year to support the community – that’s 1,000 hours and counting. Recent volunteering projects include the decoration and cleaning of a new location for Rutland House School for Parents, a pre-school for children with mobility and communication difficulties and the gardening and landscaping of Abbeyfield Care Home grounds.

We also have a partnership with Barnsley Hospice. Our employees are encouraged to attend volunteer days at the Hospice where they perform a variety of jobs in Barnsley Hospice shops or at the Hospice itself.

Supporting charities

Our chosen national charity is the Institute of Cancer Research, for whom we have raised over £38,000 since 2007.

We also donate surplus stock to help reduce expenditure for local charities and schools.

We like to support our customers too! We have been a longstanding sponsor for the Greater Manchester Police charities and many other customer charities.

Alongside this we have a number of other active initiatives within our social value programme, specifically relating to recruitment and training, our people and their development,  small medium enterprises and supporting local schools.

Supply Chain

We have a robust policy which covers the areas of sensible sourcing, modern slavery and health and safety. These are all documented in detail within our CSR strategy, which is available upon request.

Anti Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement.

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