At Banner we are proud to be a key strategic supplier on a number of OJEU compliant public sector frameworks.

Framework nameFramework referenceCategories / Lots includedGeography (regional / national)Framework web linkBanner contact - name(s)Banner contact - phone(s)
Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC)Electronic Office Consumables and Office SuppliesNational Dent07957 833248
Crescent Purchasing Consortium (CPC) HardwareDesktop Hardware Lot 1National Clarke07802 770074
Crown Commercial Service - RM3723 Crown Office Supplies FrameworkRM3723Lot 1: General office stationery, Office paper, Catering goods (such as tea/coffee), Janitorial goods (such as refuse sacks, washroom supplies) and small office (such as paper shredding machines, and laminators)National Murdock / Anna Warnes07801 180641/07545 741934
Crown Commercial Service - RM3781: Multifunctional Devices, Managed Print and Content Services and Records Information ManagementRM3781Lot 4 Records Information Management Service. This includes 6 service lines: 1. Off-site records information management service (full end to end service)2. Off-site storage of inactive records3. Off-site and/or on-site secure shredding, destruction and disposal services4. Off-site and/or on-site specialist records management services5. Off-site and/or on-site combined records information management services6. Off-site and/or on-site scanning services.National Murdock07801 180641
Crown Commercial Services3733Lot 1 Technology HardwareNational Kehoe07713 390886
Crown Commercial Services Office Supplies for the Wider Public Sector3703All LotsNational Kehoe07713 390886
DartfordACME 4N75KL & AFRK – 74F6TP (Lot 2)Lot 1 one stop shop, lot 2 Office Stationery and Supplies, Lot 6 PPE, Lot 8 Catering Supplies and Equipment, Lot 10 Office Waste ServiceNational Kehoe07713 390886
ESPO CateringFramework 45Catering DisposablesNationalMichael Kehoe07713 390886
HEPCWOffice, Computer and Library Supplies Lots 1 and 2National Dent07957 833248
LCSGRegionalMichael Kehoe07713 390886
LUPCOffice, Computer and Library Supplies Lots 1 and 2National Dent07957 833248
NEPALot 1 Non Managed Print Equipment - Xerox Samsung and Brother
NEPONEPO502Office SuppliesNational Kehoe07713 390886
NEUPCOffice, Computer and Library Supplies Lots 1 and 2Cleaning and Janitorial Supplies JAN2002 NENational[index][063a859d-6cef-4f4f-9d7e-e6b086a2af9f]=4733Rebecca Dent07957 833248
North of England Commercial Procurement Collaborative (NOE CPC)2016/S 202-365734Janitorial & FM SuppliesNational Evison07590 520008
NPSNPS – ICT – 0064 – 16Lot 2 Printer ConsumableWalesMichael Kehoe07713 390886
NPS CleaningNPS-CFM-0026-15CleaningNorth Wales Kehoe07713 390886
NWUPCOFF3042 NWOffice, Computer and Library Supplies Lots 1 and 2MFD, Reprographic devices, and Refurb TechPromotional Products Lots 1 and 3National Dent07957 833248
Procurement For AllBusiness Solutions FrameworkLots 1, 2, 3, 4National Sewell07841 721444
Procurement For Housing2017/S 076-146758Lot 1, 2National Sewell07841 721444
Scottish ProcurementSP-15-016IT Consumables FrameworkRegional Evison07590 520008
SUPCOffice, Computer and Library Supplies Lots 1 and 2National Dent07957 833248
YPO 696696Lot 1 and Lot 2National Kehoe07713 390886

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