Andy Whiting, re-shaping, re-directing and re-energizing Facilities Supplies at Banner

“Continual innovation and development is key to creating a successful business”,are the first words that Andy Whiting, the new Head of Facilities Supplies (FS) at Banner, says when we sit down to talk about his new role. It is a statement that forms the foundation of his strategy for FS at Banner.


“I think it’s fair to say that FS is a category that needed some re-shaping, re-direction and re-energizing,” explains Andy.  Even though Banner has successfully delivered FS for many years and there has been steady growth in this category, investment was required to allow it to reach its potential.


This prompted the appointment of Andy, who has 20 years’ experience in the FS industry successfully developing and managing many contracts.


Since joining the business a few months ago, Andy has embarked on a journey that began by “looking within Banner.” This involved “looking at the current offer to market, seeing how it is today and how it should be reflected in the future.”


And the outcome, to his delight, was that “the essential components already existed; great service, vast stocking capabilities, a brilliant customer experience set up and talented people,” says Andy. “But what needed to change was our approach to market, in the sense that there were gaps in our offering. We needed to re-shape how FS looked for Banner.” 


Creating a bespoke solution for each one of our customers


The defining feature of Andy’s approach is one of putting people first.  “My strategy is to present the Banner FS offering to our customers in a way that suits their business, because no one customer is the same. From the people who are using the products, right the way through to the people who make the decisions.  Everyone is equally as important as the other. “


“We want to go on a journey with our customers and really understand what’s happening in their businesses, so that we can give them a real time solution that fits. We’re adding value by investigating what they do, how they do it and why they do it, so that we can provide a solution to work smarter and safer and ultimately enable us to create savingsfor their businesses.”


Our aim is to deliver a typical 20% business saving for our customers.  Instead of just price-matching and selling product, we will invest our time in our customers’ business.  First we’ll understand their needs and objectives and then we’ll roll our sleeves up and spend time with the people who actually use the product. This will enable us to recommend the right product for each organisationto save them money and time and help them maximisetheir resources.”


“In order to be successful it’s vital that we have a relationship with every customer, at every level.  We must be emotionally invested in what they do.  If we’re not, we’re not putting the people first and we’re not bringing to life the real challenges they face in their business, so we’re not solving any problems.”


Allow us to invest our time in your business to understand your needs and objectives so that we can recommend the right products for you.

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