Creating a healthy educational environment

Transforming your school or college into a healthy place isn’t just vital to the personal wellbeing of pupils and staff. It could also make all the difference to performance.

Being a Healthy School helps to meet a key requirement of the OFSTED inspection framework. A Healthy School is described by the Healthy Schools Programme as one that promotes physical, social and emotional health and helps equip pupils, staff and families with the skills and attitudes to make informed decisions about their health.

Overturning the traditional approach to the classroom environment may well provide one of the best routes to delivering this. Contrary to received wisdom, encouraging children to get up, walk about and stand up to work could be a winner. Recent research suggests that letting pupils stand up during lessons can boost their brain function, with scientists discovering that using standing desks can improve the cognitive function of children by between seven and 14 per cent.*

Researchers have been evaluating the use of standing-height desks instead of more traditional seated desks in classrooms, with anecdotal evidence from teachers suggesting that students focus more and behave better when they use standing desks, with the studies showing that standing desks can burn calories and help combat obesity.

A classroom should be equipped as per any healthy workspace. In an ergonomic, well designed workspace, people want to adjust their working position so that they have the opportunity to choose from a variety of working positions, allowing freedom and flexibility to move around and rest working muscles. sciencetech/article-3546096/Standing- class-makes-children-SMARTER- Pupil-s-brain-boost-spend-lessons- feet.html#ixzz4hQAz1RIt

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